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This is where we play.

Upcycle it Now primarily works Business to Business, helping larger companies test, model and achieve their circular initiatives. 

However sometimes we have leftover odds and ends. This collection utilizes materials too good to let sit around in storage and too fun not to experiment with. 

Studio Collection

This is where we play.    Upcycle it Now primarily works Business... 


Upcycle it Now gives brands and retailers a way into the circular economy. We can help you create an upcycled line specific to your brand and audience with custom designs and full in-house manufacturing.
  • Patagonia

    Since 2012 we have helped recover thousands of post-consumer, delaminated rain jackets. We closed the loop on these jackets by making them into a variety of travel pouches, fanny packs, and bags that then went back into Patagonia stores across the country.

    We use this model for larger brands capable of using their own pre and post consumer waste.

  • Parks Project

    Brands like Parks Project use our services to create unique upcycled lines. In this model we work to create designs that fit their audience with materials available to us through recyclers and brands that have excess waste.

    Our popular lines for them include the Puffy Tote, Patchwork Tote, and a variety of waterbottle slings.

    Find the Patchwork Tote here 
  • Designers/ Organizations

    We also service designers and organizations such as Terry Totes, Roboro, UC Davis, and City of LA.

    Designers needing help to increase or start production on their upcycled product, or a school or city, in need of a solution for textile waste can use our manufacturing and design services. We can private label items or co-brand.

    Find Terry Totes here 
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